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McCarthy Rages In Mind-Numbing Floor Speech Over House Staffers Getting Peloton Memberships

McCarthy Rages In Mind-Numbing Floor Speech Over House Staffers Getting Peloton Memberships

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is known for raging against anything and everything Democrats propose, but his latest outrage has reached a whole new level.

McCarthy is incensed—absolutely incensed!—that House members will be offered discounted Peloton memberships through a deal the company offered the House.

McCarthy, of course, is casting the deal as a matter of fiscal malfeasance and Democrats' supposedly being out of touch, as if House Republicans don't enjoy the same fringe benefits Americans pay for with their tax dollars but mostly cannot access for themselves, like say, decent health insurance.

Anyway, McCarthy took to the House floor to bloviate about taxpayers being on the hook for bicycles that don't "go anywhere" or something. See his speech below.

McCarthy's speech contained many highlights from which to choose, but the best is arguably the one about stationary bikes.

"It’s a $2,000 bike that you pay to use and pay to set up that doesn’t go anywhere. What’s a business like that?"

Peloton, as well as every stationary bike business before it, has done just fine with their bikes that don't "go anywhere."

But more importantly, McCarthy's entire argument about this deal is not in line with the facts. House members are not receiving Peloton bikes, they are receiving discounted $12 memberships to access Peloton's classes.

And the discounted deal comes via the House Center for Well-Being's budget, which was already allocated long ago.

A memo explaining this was set to be released by the House, but was delayed.

Naturally, McCarthy and some of his colleagues have seized upon the Peloton deal as yet another example of Democrats' lack of morals, tacking it on to their gripes about a liquor-delivery service also available to House members.

Scott Austin and Drew Ferguson, two Republican Representatives from Georgia, joined McCarthy in blaming Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the deal and decrying her "wasting" tax dollars on the benefits.

On Twitter, most people seemed to find this whole thing utterly ridiculous.

If only McCarthy reserved the same outrage for people who refuse to comply with subpoenas.