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REPORT: Keith Olbermann Is Retiring From Political Commentary

REPORT: Keith Olbermann Is Retiring From Political Commentary

On Monday, Keith Olbermann announced his retirement "from political commentary in all media venues" in a video for GQ.

Olbermann, who has been a special correspondent for GQ as part of a series of videos titled 'The Resistance," has claimed that the episode would be his last.

"I am confident now even more so than I have been throughout the last year that this nightmare presidency of Donald John Trump will end prematurely and end soon," he remarked, "and I am thus also confident that this is the correct moment to end this series of commentaries."

He added his belief that Trump will either be impeached and forcibly removed from office or resign sometime in the next 13 months.

Olbermann also asserted that his decision has nothing to do with his health or being fired.

"No illness. No scandal. No firing. Just I've said what I've had to say," he claimed. "It was as obvious as I made it seem. I give my work everything I can, so it's not like I can dial it back."

"Thank you for all the kind words and all the support," he said in conclusion. "Have fun storming the castle. My work here is done. Matter of fact, so is Trump's."

Geoffrey Gagnon, an editor at GQ, shared the video and thanked Olbermann, saying: "After 187 episodes—and half a billion views—the indomitable @KeithOlbermann is signing off #TheResistanceGQ & retiring from political commentary. I couldn't be more thankful for Keith's talent, his intelligence, and his friendship."

Olbermann has been a fierce critic of the Trump administration, and many of Trump's supporters celebrated the news on Twitter:

But others were more focused on Olbermann's reasons for retiring, and felt like perhaps he was celebrating Trump's demise a bit prematurely:

Either way, a prominent voice in politics has now gone silent:

The #Resistance marches on...

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