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Kellyanne Admits Trump Lost 2020 Election In Brutal Takedown Of Trump Campaign

Kellyanne Admits Trump Lost 2020 Election In Brutal Takedown Of Trump Campaign
Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

The trend of members of former President Donald Trump's Administration finding their consciences now that they're no longer in their jobs continues apace, and one of the administration's most prominent figures is joining the chorus this week.

Kellyanne Conway, who served as Senior Counselor to Trump and became infamous for trolling interviews where she coined terms like "alternative facts," now admits Trump lost the 2020 election in what is arguably the most high-profile betrayal of Trump yet.

Of course, she's written a book about it all, and in her forthcoming memoir, Conway also provides a blistering take-down of Trump's campaign and the "supplicants" and "sycophants" who continually enabled his Big Lie despite all evidence to the contrary.

In her memoir, titled Here's the Deal, Conway describes an electoral loss that should have been an easy win for Trump--and one she says "Trump was more shocked to lose... than he was to win in 2016."

She writes:

"Despite the mountains of money Trump had raised, his team simply failed to get the job done."
"A job that was doable and had a clear path, if followed."

She then describes the lying and theatrics that ensued when Trump failed, with his staff telling Trump what he wanted to hear instead of the truth.

"Rather than accepting responsibility for the loss, they played along and lent full-throated encouragement (privately, not on TV) when Trump kept insisting he won."

Conway goes on to paint a picture of a campaign in increasing disarray and desperation to please Trump.

"By not confronting the candidate with the grim reality of his situation, that the proof had not surfaced to support the claims [of fraud], they denied him the evidence he sought and the respect he was due."
"Instead supplicant after sycophant after showman genuflected in front of the Resolute Desk and promised the president goods they could not deliver."

Trump's delusional supporters, too, figure heavily in Conway's retelling of the 2020 election.

"Stuck in a parallel universe, many Trump supporters deluded themselves into thinking that somehow the president would remain in office or be reinstated once gone."

On Twitter, Conway's revelations definitely raised some eyebrows.

But many people were unimpressed and downright disgusted with what they saw as a too little, too late attempt at image rehab.

Conspicuously missing from Conway's sights, of course, is Trump himself, whom she paints as the victim of incompetent campaign aides, rather than the most powerful person in the world actively undermining the nation's very democracy with a concerted effort to overthrow a free and fair election. So, this revelation should not be seen as some selfless act of truth-telling, rather it's yet another instance of Conway spinning a narrative favorable to Trump.

Conway's book explores far more than the 2020 election, including a take-down of Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, criticisms of Trump's handling of the pandemic, and her attempts to get Trump to stop the January 6 insurrection.