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Server Had No Idea She Made Katy Perry Wait For A Table—But The Singer Was All Class About It

Server Had No Idea She Made Katy Perry Wait For A Table—But The Singer Was All Class About It
@sunriseon7/Twitter; James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Katy Perry made for the story of a lifetime for one Australian server. Between a slight disagreement and a generous tip, it’s a moment the young woman won’t forget.

Perry is currently in Australia while her husband Orlando Bloom is shooting a movie. On June 18, the pop star decided to go to a café for a meal.

That’s where everything went down.

Perry visited the café, disguised in the standard celebrity costume; a hat and sunglasses. There, she asked server Indianna Paull for a table.

However, as Paull told the star, they were full up and there would be a wait. Perry did try to hurry things up, likely due to the people trying to get pictures of her, but Paull didn’t even recognize the star, and just had her wait.

This is not to say that Perry deserved to be given special treatment, but people would likely treat someone a little different if they knew they’re a celebrity.

Despite being forced to wait, with people asking for her picture, Perry patiently waited for a table.

And left a generous tip after!

Paull felt a little foolish after the incident. She told Sunrise about the interaction from her end.

The dining room was swamped, and Paull was struggling to keep the whole thing under control. When another customer came up asking for a seat, she just told her she’d have to wait.

She told Sunrise:

“She handled it like any normal person would, I suppose. She was really nice the whole time and she handled it like a champ.”
“I think partly because I didn’t recognize her was the reason she was so just so relaxed and chill about it.”

Paull didn’t recognize the star so much, that it took her manager pointing out who she just seated for the server to know what was going on.

“I just went red and went limp at the knees.”
“I probably didn’t need to, but I felt like a fool, so I went over to her table and apologized.”
“I don’t know why, I just felt shocked that I had acted like she was a casual Joe Blow!”

All that said, Paull did the right thing in how she treated one guest, like every other guest.

Paull couldn’t believe how nice Perry was, especially since the singer left a particularly large tip. But beyond that, Paull said the pop star was super personable.

“She asked for my name and had a conversation with me and as she left she walked through the café and gave me a hug and was just really nice to everyone.”
“It was crazy.”