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Katherine Heigl Sits Down With Ellen Pompeo To Reflect On Her Dramatic 'Grey's Anatomy' Exit

The former 'Grey's Anatomy' costars looked back for 'Variety''s 'Actors On Actors' on how Heigl was labeled 'difficult' after she left the hit series in the middle of season 6.

Katherine Heigl; Ellen Pompeo

Two former Grey's Anatomy stars sat down for one of Variety's Actors On Actors sessions.

It allowed the former costars to catch up and clear the air on what led one to leave mid-season in the sixth season of the successful, 19-seasons-and-counting, medical drama.

Ellen Pompeo—who played the titular Meredith Grey and just wrapped after 19 seasons—sat down with actor Katherine Heigl, whose character Izzie was part of the original set of surgical interns on the show.

Heigl left abruptly in the middle of season 6, after speaking up about working conditions on set. That decision would color her career, but was upsetting to fans at the time.

Pompeo and Heigl talked for nearly an hour, reflecting on their time on Grey's and that dramatic exit.

You can see an excerpt here:

Support for both Heigl and Pompeo poured in after the interview aired.

For those who were Grey's fans from the get-go and really liked Heigl's character Izzie, this sit down was healing.

Others spoke to the specifics of the interview.

Heigl was able to respond to her characterization as "difficult to work with" after her departure from Grey's.

This conversation had many people thinking about reunions they'd like to see.

The full Actors On Actors episode can be watched here: