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Woman Caught Stealing Anti-Trump Signs Tries To Shame Black Man For 'Disrespecting The Current President'


A woman from near Tampa, Florida, was labeled a "Karen" online after being caught stealing anti-Trump yard signs while covering up her license plate.

When she was confronted by a Black man from the area, the woman called the police on the man who caught her trespassing and stealing others' property.

When the man called the woman out on "destroying" people's property, she pushed back, saying:

"I didn't destroy it. It said 'Flush Trump'—it said flush the turd."

The man then repeatedly stated that is "free speech" while the woman insisted "that's disrespecting the current president, sir."

When the police arrived, the woman had already removed the paper covering her license plate and only showed the officers a sign that was reportedly removed from a public street median.

Police filed no charges against either party.

But the man who filmed the woman, Demetrius Haynes, was unanimously voted off of the local Police Department Citizen's Advisory Board for his role in the viral video.

Twitter was outraged at the woman's illegal behavior, but unsurprised she faced no consequences for her actions.

This woman lived up to the title of "Karen" perfectly.

Watch out, Karens of the world.

You might not see any consequences for your bad behavior from local law enforcement, but Twitter will always be there to hold you to task.