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Joe Exotic Just Shut Down A GOP Rep. Who Tried To Blame Titanic Sub Tragedy On 'Leadership'

The 'Tiger King' star went after Rep. Dan Crenshaw on Twitter for trying to politicize the Titan submersible tragedy.

Joe Exotic; Dan Crenshaw
Netflix; Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Of all people to be the voice of reason, Joe Exotic, star of Netflix's Tiger King, is probably the dead last person you'd ever expect.

But when Republican Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw took to Fox News to bloviate about the submarine that imploded during an excursion to the wreckage of the Titanic, the Tiger King himself was at the ready with some good old common sense.

Crenshaw went on Fox News to essentially blame the deaths of the OceanGate Titan submersible's five passengers on the Coast Guard, Navy and Democratic President Joe Biden.

Joe Exotic was having none of it. He went to Twitter and lambasted Crenshaw for his words on Fox News, as seen below.

Stating the obvious, Joe Exotic tweeted:

"@DanCrenshawTX quit looking for someone to blame. They built it, got in it and took that risk, launched it and if it imploded no one could have done anything."

He then went on to praise the Coast Guard, and offer some savvy advice.

"Hats off to the @USCG and everyone who searched for it. Maybe God just don't want us at the bottom of the ocean to screw with things."

He's got a point there. And Crenshaw's comments were certainly ripe for criticism. He claimed the five dead could have been saved if those in charge of search efforts had "just acted sooner," a claim that has pretty much been proven false since investigators are reasonably certain the submarine imploded before anyone even knew it was in distress.

But of course most Republicans won't let facts get in the way of their grandstanding and Crenshaw is apparently no exception--which is wild considering he's a combat veteran himself. He told Fox News:

"What appears to be the case is epic failure in leadership. Where exactly that leadership failure is, I don’t know. Is it the White House, Coast Guard, Navy? I’m not sure."

No, Dan, the failure of leadership is in the OceanGate CEO and engineers who knew the submersible was not up to the journey and launched it anyway, but do go on.

On Twitter, people applauded Joe Exotic for stating the obvious in his tweet--even if they were a little surprised to be siding with the Tiger King.

That's precisely the kind of straight shootin', down-to-earth reasonability that will serve Joe Exotic well in his 2024 Presidential campaign, which he launched in March from the prison where he is serving a 21-year sentence.