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Jennifer Tilly Just Hilariously Weighed In On Who Would Win In A Chucky Vs. M3GAN Fight

Tilly famously played Chucky's girlfriend, both in doll and human form in film and on TV.

Chucky; Jennifer Tilly; M3GAN
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Have you heard about the latest celebrity feud?

No, it's not two rappers going at it in verse or Mariah Carey shading Jennifer Lopez again. That stuff is mere child's play.

This is a beef to rival Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in the annals of Hollywood lore. We're talking about Hollywood's dueling psychotic dolls, Chucky—star of um the Chucky film franchise and the TV series of the same name on SyFy—and M3GAN—star of another eponymous film, M3GAN.

Both the new TV series and M3GAN's film have become runaway, instant-cult classics, but it seems Chucky, as the O.G. in the mix, has been dragging M3GAN to filth on Twitter.

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Their beef has drawn M3GAN plenty of fans—Twitter loves a strong woman—but one person definitely not jumping on the bandwagon is Chucky's human costar Jennifer Tilly.

The actor took to Twitter to announce her allegiances in this drama between two fictional killer dolls.

She's remaining loyal to her costar—for now, anyway.

After TooFab's Brian Particelli commented on the beef and who M3GAN star—er, co-star—Allison Williams thinks would win in a brawl between Chucky and M3GAN, Tilly responded:

"Sorry, but I have to stand up for my boyfriend. The only thing #M3GAN can beat #Chucky in is a dance-off."

Whoa, shots fired!

Though credit where it's due, M3GAN does have the best uncanny-valley dance moves anyone has ever seen.

GIF by M3GANGiphy

GIF by M3GANGiphy

Williams, for the record, vehemently disagrees.

Chucky may have been at this murderous doll thing for 35 years—longer than some of M3GAN's fans have even been alive—but Williams' money is firmly on the young upstart.

She told TooFab:

"Is it even a beef if it's that uneven? She's so got him. Duh."
"I have on good authority from the person who made her that she's kind of unstoppable, more or less."
"So, yeah, I think she's got this one."

Williams can talk her smack, but Tilly's fans on Twitter were loving her vote of confidence for their bloodthirsty babydoll of choice.

So, Allison Williams and Jennifer Tilly are definitely beefing on behalf of their dolls too now, right?

This is better than Real Housewives....