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YouTube Makeup Artist Jeffree Star Believes Millions Worth Of Makeup Stolen From His Warehouse Was An 'Inside Job'

Rosdiana Ciaravolo / Contributor / Getty Images

Jeffree Star posted a video to his YouTube channel talking about what had been going on in his life recently.

In addition to family health issues, Star revealed that a new product that was about to be announced was stolen and leaked early.

Star gave the details of the theft in the video:

"At around 1am [on March 16], one of my stock and shipping facility warehouses was broken into and more than $2.5 million of product was stolen from me."

The items stolen included products from several of his already available lines, as well as his as-yet-unreleased Magic Star Concealer.

Jeffree believes that the theft was perpetrated by a group of "professionals" who were assisted by someone who was employed at the warehouse, as the concealer was stored in an out-of-the way location.

"They came in through the roof. It was a very professional job — it was a team of people. When you watch footage of this stuff, it's so gut-wrenching to see people just take your shit and put it in a truck and steal something that I have been working on for so long."

My Concealer Line Was Stolen & Leaked ($2.5 Million of Makeup Hijacked)

The FBI has been working with local law enforcement to try to track the thieves and the stolen product, but it is not a quick or easy process.

"We've tracked down some of the product, but there are still so many units floating out there. So if you guys see this packaging or C5 before the launch, just know that it is stolen. It is illegal goods and I would love to try and get more of it back."

Star also tweeted about the theft.

There was quite a large outpouring of support for Jeffree on Twitter.

Some were almost as upset as Star was.

Star had many successful product launches and a devoted fanbase.

Hopefully that experience, and the outpouring of support of his fans, will help him to recover from this loss.