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New Report Says Japan Has Over 400 Varieties Of Kit-Kats--And We're Totally Jealous

Twitter: @kombiz/Abid Hussain

Gimme a break--break me off a piece of one of your 400 varieties of Kit Kat Bars! Why isn't Japan sharing with the USA?

Kit Kat bars ARE an American product--Hershey has been distributing them since 1970. But in Japan, the product has taken on a life of its own--over four HUNDRED different flavors are available for purchase.

The various flavors include milk chocolate, strawberry, sake, wasabi, matcha, Tokyo Banana, shingen mochi, grape, dehydrated seasonal fruits, and dark-chocolate.

Plus, the flavors are influenced by popular delicacies in regions of Japan, such as maple-leaf-shaped cookies, plum wine, roasted tea.

There is also a market for luxury Kit Kats. According to the New York Times Magazine, "In some cases, they [Kit Kats] are decorated like plated desserts at a fine-dining restaurant, the Kit Kat logo entirely hidden by tiny, delicate, colorful crunchies, or individually wrapped like a gift — a single Kit Kat finger in a crinkly plastic wrapper, tucked inside a box."

If you could catch a break, which bar would you want a piece of?

You have plenty of options!

H/T: New York Times Magazine, Twitter