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YouTuber Jake Paul Releases Statement After Being Caught On Video In Arizona Mall As It Was Being Looted

As America experiences one of its most fragile moments in modern memory, YouTuber Jake Paul seemed to be taking advantage of the nation's anguish to create content.

He has now issued a statement addressing the controversy.

After the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, Arizona was looted, video from Jake Paul's Instagram confirmed that the YouTube star and his friends were present during the looting, and seemed to be filming content.

Whether or not Paul took part in the actual looting, his recording of the acts for his monetized channel were condemned by many online.

Paul issued a statement claiming he didn't participate in the looting but that he felt it was his responsibility to record what was happening.

People online, meanwhile, didn't quite believe Paul's statement.r

Twitter has already had their fill of people who have escalated these protests for their own amusement without any regard for the danger many others are facing.

If Paul really wanted to support the movement, he wouldn't have brought cameras.

The world will never run out of reasons to be angry with Jake Paul.

If you're looking for a way to help the world during these times of crisis, don't take your lead from Jake Paul.

To all those out protesting, remember to be safe and to avoid filming, unlike Jake Paul.