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Jack Black Forgets He Was In A Holiday Movie During Viral Interview, But Recovers In True Jack Black Fashion

Jack Black Forgets He Was In A Holiday Movie During Viral Interview, But Recovers In True Jack Black Fashion

We all have trouble remembering our own histories as we get older, and it turns out Hollywood luminaries are no different.

Stars: They're just like us.

Jack Black has been around the Hollywood block a while. After all, High Fidelity, the film that made him a star, was almost 20 years ago. And with 154 acting credits on IMDb, it's probably a bit of a challenge to keep them all straight.

Which is probably why, during a recent red carpet interview, Black just full-on face-planted when asked to recall one of his biggest film roles ever.

While chatting with a Variety reporter at the premiere of the new movie Jumanji: The Next Level in which he stars, Black was asked which Yuletide movie was his favorite.

He picked Elf—which is a great choice beloved by many!

Except like... Jack Black was in one of many people's perennial holiday favorites. So one would expect he'd name that one, right?

The reporter was as surprised as the rest of us at Black's choice, hailing his "humility" in not naming his own movie. To which Black responded blankly:

"Do I have a holiday movie?"

Um, yes Jack! Yes you very much do! But Black struggled to recall:

"Which one is mine?"

Oh, IDK, Jack, just the enormously beloved 2006 Christmas classic The Holiday directed by legendary romcom helmer Nancy Meyers and starring not only you, but also Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law.

No big deal.

It finally dawned on Black and he took the gaffe with the kind of "yeah that's what I meant" aplomb only he could muster:

"Oh , 'The Holiday', obviously, 'The Holiday'. Nancy Meyers. Genius!"

And with that, he took off down the red carpet with vim and vigor. The most skilled of recoveries.

On Twitter, folks were delighted by the ultimate Hollywood brain lapse.

Though some couldn't help but wonder if Black's memory lapse was due to a certain... recreational activity...

And while Jack Black may not remember The Holiday, plenty of others certainly do--and very fondly.

Anyway, if he hadn't been already, this should cement Jack Black in the pantheon of Hollywood luminaries: so legendary he forgets his own movies.

You can get Elfhere and The Holiday here.