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If You Can't Get To A Voting Center, Lyft Has You Covered This Midterm Election

If You Can't Get To A Voting Center, Lyft Has You Covered This Midterm Election

Lyft is doing their part in encouraging people to vote for the U.S. midterm elections by offering discounted and free rides to polling locations.

The ride-sharing company is partnering up with, Nonprofit VOTE, TurboVote to help spread awareness of their non-partisan promotion that would offer a 50% discount for voters on November 6.

The company also said they will team up with nonpartisan, nonprofit partners like Voto Latino and offer free rides for those living in underserved communities who often struggle with getting to the polls.

Tech Crunch noted that the new initiative is addressing the participation problem indicated in the U.S. Estimates from the Center for Information.

According to Civic Learning and Engagement, 15 million voters didn't participate during the 2016 election because they couldn't find a way to get to the polls.

Lyft hopes to solve that problem come November.

The company is also partnering with other groups to help voters register and educate them on voting initiatives.

Tech Crunch listed the various partnerships:

Through a partnerships with When We All Vote and National Voter Registration Day the company intends to remind passengers about voter registration deadlines; give drivers voter registration handouts and voter information at Hub locations; offer in-office voter registration for employees; and offer online voter information through the company's partner organizations.

Mike Masserman, the head of social impact for Lyft, said the service is now available in all 50 states with statewide coverage in 48 states, according to Fortune.

"It's absolutely essential that we will be nonpartisan in doing this. We want to make sure everyone's voice is heard in this election."

People are responding favorably to Lyft's voting incentive.

There are no more excuses. If you need a lift, you know who to call.

Thanks to Lyft, we're going places that will help shape the future of our country.

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