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Anti-Gay Preacher Says Global Pandemic Is God's 'Reckoning' For Gay Marriage, Despite It Being Illegal In Both China And Italy

Anti-Gay Preacher Says Global Pandemic Is God's 'Reckoning' For Gay Marriage, Despite It Being Illegal In Both China And Italy

Conservative preacher Perry Stone claimed in a recent sermon that the current pandemic was God's way of punishing humans for legalizing abortion and same-sex marriage.

Both are things that have been legal in the US for between several years and several decades.

Stone's disastrous hot take has earned him some not-insignificant criticism on social media.

Stone asserted that the current public health crisis was a "reckoning" because the United States Supreme Court decided abortion (this was back in 1973) and same-sex marriage (in 2015) were legal.

He doesn't say why laws in one country would cause his deity to lash out at the whole planet, or why that "reckoning" would have started in another part of the world.

"So why is there a reckoning? I'm gonna explain it in these simple terms. There's a reckoning because the courts of the land passed a law to take an infant's life… and for marriage, that we have known it, to be changed into something we've never known."

No US Court has ever said that it is OK to kill an "infant." Fetuses still in the womb and infants, which have already been born, are very definitely not the same thing.

"And both of their laws, biblically, in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, are what God calls an abomination… the Bible teaches us that God wants everyone to come to repentance, but there will be a time when the Lord says 'Enough is enough."

You can view a short video of Stone's sermon below.

Social media users were largely critical of Stone's take, with many mocking him for it.

Even Christians thought Stone's take was ridiculous.

Stone is not the first to try to blame LGBTQ people for the pandemic, but all who do have missed a fairly obvious point—many of the places hit hardest by the virus are countries where same-sex marriages are still illegal.

China, Italy, and Iran have been the hardest hit so far, and none of them have marriage equality. China goes so far as to censor depictions of LGBTQ people in media, and it is illegal to be gay in Iran.

The Vatican still has significant political sway in Italy, where same-sex couples are allowed legally-binding civil unions, but not marriage.

While it may be unfortunately common to blame various minority groups for whatever happens to be going wrong in the world, that doesn't make it right.

An important piece of wisdom is also found in the book of Leviticus:

"Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself."