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House Goes Viral For The Extreme Amount Of Electric Outlets It Has

Need a plug socket? (Andrew Pearce/PA)

There's nothing better than having an electric outlet close to the side of your bed or the sofa – so you can charge your phone, plug in your computer, or tend to any other electronic needs.

But a house in Middlesex, UK, has gone viral for taking this concept and running with it. One eagle-eyed Twitter user must have been cruising house listings and noticed something particularly unusual about this Pinner home…

Toby Davies is obviously being sarcastic, because when you scroll through the pictures of the house, the main thing that stands out is oulets – and lots of them.

In some rooms, the outlets form neat lines around the walls.

Pinner house(Andrew Pearce/PA)

And in others, the layout feels much more random.

Pinner house(Andrew Pearce/PA)

Even the conservatory has a whole lot of outlets spaced closely together.

Pinner house(Andrew Pearce/PA)

Seemingly everywhere you look is an outlet or two.

Pinner house(Andrew Pearce/PA)

Pinner house(Andrew Pearce/PA)

Pinner house(Andrew Pearce/PA)

Andrew Pearce is the estate agent for the listing, and calls it a “family haven, situated in a family-friendly location" near Eastcote Station and Pinner High Street in north-west London.

As well as a whole lot of outlets, the house has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a conservatory, and a garden.

The unusual additions to the house have been met with equal part humor and confusion.

Some people have started coming up with their own theories to explain why there are so many outlets…

A representative from Andrew Pearce said: “This property has attracted over 330,000 views on Rightmove since it's been mentioned on Twitter over the weekend. We have been inundated with enquiries from both genuine buyers and inquisitive members of the public, asking why so many sockets.

“Our client purchased the house in 2014 in its current form and commented that when furniture is in place, the sockets are less visible. The client will address the removal of sockets should that form part of any negotiations with a perspective buyer."

Pinner houseThe exterior of the house (Andrew Pearce/PA)

If you're interested in purchasing a house with an outlet for every appliance you own, you'll have to move quickly. The Andrew Pearce spokesperson says: “Despite some of the negative comments, the property is currently going through negotiations and we are anticipating a sale will be agreed shortly. We would encourage any genuine purchasers to get in touch as soon as possible."

Oh, and you'll have to come up with £1,350,000 (~$1.74 million) for the house. Not to mention the electricity bills…

Pinner house(Andrew Pearce/PA)