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Social Distancing Argument Turns Into All-Out Paint Fight At Florida Home Depot In Wild Video

Social Distancing Argument Turns Into All-Out Paint Fight At Florida Home Depot In Wild Video

Social Distancing hit an all-time low in the state of Florida.

An altercation between four men shopping at a home improvement store escalated into a full blown physical assault using available tools within reach from their parked vehicles, including white paint.

Lots and lots of paint.

It is not clear what caused the scuffle that took place on Wednesday morning outside of the store in Tampa. In the viral video captured by a bystander, the not-so-gentle men can be seen struggling in vain to find their footing as they slip and slide in puddles of white splish-splash as they attack each other.

At one point, a man in a beige T-shirt drenched in white goo tries to hurl a bucket of paint at his larger assailant in an aqua T-shirt but gets slapped silly. Another man grabs hold of a garden hoe and ferociously begins waving it around to ward off another attacker.

All that seemed to be missing in this bizarre rumpus was a silent movie underscore and Charlie Chaplin.

Bizarre paint battle between 4 men at Florida Home

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office responded to the Home Depot, located at 6730 Memorial Highway on Wednesday before 9 a.m.

A spokesman for the Sheriff's Office told the New York Post:

"The men all knew each other and worked together. They declined to press charges."

The first thing Twitter could think of was the fact that Florida man had not been in the news lately.

Until now.

What could have possibly caused such histrionics?

What people will remember of the 2020 pandemic is the birth of a new sporting spar.

The slap-happy aggressor looked vaguely familiar.

The Florida Home Depot incident marked the second social-distancing violation attack within one week. A previous melee took place in Jonesboro, Arkansas, on Saturday, May 16, at a Home Depot at 711 E. Parker Rd.

According to KAIT, a 71-year-old refused to maintain distance and was struck by Charles Tyrone Brown, 69, with a boxed Dremel tool. Brown said he hit the victim because he saw the unnamed victim reaching for his holstered firearm after refusing to back away after a second warning.

The incident report indicated the victim fell and hit his head on the concrete and suffered a cut above his eye as a result of the strike. No charges were filed from the attack, but both men have been apprised of the affidavit process.

When it comes to social distancing, we could do better.

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