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98-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Explains Why She'll Never Remove Her Auschwitz Tattoo In Powerful Video

98-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Explains Why She'll Never Remove Her Auschwitz Tattoo In Powerful Video

The anti-Semitic atrocities that took place during the Holocaust are not soon to be forgotten. The events that took place, the lives that were lost, and the historical significance of that time in society's collective history is taught in the classroom, to this day.

But what really underpins that moment in history are the stories told by survivors of the Holocaust.

One survivor, along with her great-grandson, have taken to TikTok to tell the tragic but inspiring story of her life and why she will never remove the tattoo that serves as a symbol of the treatment of Jewish people during the Holocaust.

Lily Ebert (@lilyebert) and her 18-year-old great-grandson, Dov Forman, who both reside in London, use the social media platform to spread awareness about Lily's lived experience as a Holocaust survivor.


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In their most recent video, Lily discusses why she has never thought of removing the tattoo she was branded with when she arrived at Auschwitz death camp, the most deadly of the concentration camps.




The 98-year-old woman captivated TikTokers and viewers when she spoke on a news broadcast about her tattoo she received when she arrived at the concentration camp with her mother, her three sisters, and younger brother.

Lily's mother, brother, and one of her sister's were immediately killed upon entry into the camp.

When asked by the news anchor if Lily had ever thought of getting it removed, Lily responded:

“No I have never thought of getting it removed."
"I want to show the world because seeing something and hearing something it makes a big difference."
"And the world should know how deep they cut humans… You wear a tattoo, you wear a number."
"No more, no less."
"A human can take away my humanity.”




The video has generated over five millions views, 705,000 likes and 2,403 comments.

Lily's TikTok page serves as a testament to her strength and resilience and acts as a living history of her experience as a Jewish person during the Holocaust.


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Lily's TikToks are created with the help of her great-grandson, Dov, helping to illuminate the experiences of those who suffered during the Holocaust but survived to tell the world their stories.

Lily's story is of particular importance as she is one of the last living survivors from the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Lily's videos have captured the hearts and attention of people all around the world, with many saying her story is truly enthralling.




To hear a significant time in history be retold by someone who experienced it is truly a humbling and inspiring thing.