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HOA Member Threatens To Call Cops On Black Woman Walking Dog Because She Doesn't Believe She Lives There

HOA Member Threatens To Call Cops On Black Woman Walking Dog Because She Doesn't Believe She Lives There

Yet another video has gone viral of a White woman threatening to call the cops on a Black neighbor.

The video, posted by TikTok users ninjanashbash, shows a White woman interrogating a Black woman walking her dog, insisting she does not believe the Black woman lives in the neighborhood.

The White woman claims to be on the board of directors of the neighborhood's homeowners' association before threatening the Black woman with police action.

See the video below.


My White neighbor doesn’t believe a black women like myself can live in her neighborhood #karen #karensgonewild #MakeItCinematic #IKnowWhatYouDid

The dispute began because the Black woman was walking her dog on a grassy area along a street the White woman claimed was private property belonging to her, saying, "this is ours."

The Black woman protested the grassy area was common property for everyone who lived in the development. When she repeatedly said she lived in the neighborhood, the White woman replied "no you don't."

As the encounter escalated, the Black woman chastised the White woman for harassing her, telling her:

"It's really sad that you live this life and you have to come out and you feel like you have to dictate where everyone is."

This seemed to agitate the White woman even more, who insisted the Black woman "just listen." When the Black woman refused, the White woman then issued her threat of police intervention, telling her Black neighbor:

"I'll just call the cops. They're ready for you. They are so ready for you… This is private property."

The Black woman responded by saying "Go ahead," and the White woman took out her phone, but seemed to renege when she realized she was being filmed.

The video also appeared on Reddit, where people were angered by the White woman's behavior.

"They always say "I'm going to call the cops" then act like they're going to, but don't commit to it, because they know what they're getting themselves into." --I_Brain_You

"And they just aimlessly unlock the phone open and close random apps, swipe the desktop left to right, lock the phone and repeat until the encounter is over" --GrannyAssDiddler

"It's the threat they enjoy, it used to work, why change??" --theLord666666

"I just finished making breakfast for the kids. Pancakes, eggs sausages. We are all happy and laughing. Then I open reddit and see this sh*t. Ugh" --chayosman

"Why don't people just mind their own fu*ken business? Even IF she didn't live there, she's simply walking her dog. I live in an HOA condo complex. I wouldn't give a flying fu*k if someone from another neighborhood walked their dog in our complex park." --antoniv1

People on TikTok were similarly outraged.






According to a post on ninjanashbash's Instagram, this altercation is the second time the White woman has confronted her and made similar accusations.