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Heidi Klum Dressed As A Giant Worm For Halloween—And It's Equally Impressive And Disgusting

The supermodel and former 'Project Runway' host went all out for her first Halloween bash in two years alongside husband Tom Kaulitz.

Heidi Klum Dressed As A Giant Worm For Halloween—And It's Equally Impressive And Disgusting

There have been lots of incredible celebrity Halloween costumes this year, but even in such a heavily competitive field of perfect costumes, there's just no contest.

Supermodel Heidi Klum wins by an equally impressive and revolting landslide.

Klum showed up to her yearly star-studded Halloween bash this weekend dressed as a giant earthworm, and it is among the most vile visuals you will ever endure. But it is also incredible costume showmanship the likes of which no one has ever seen.

After two years off from throwing her party due to the pandemic, Klum had to go big or go home. And boy did she rise to the occasion, like a disgusting worm rising to the sidewalk after a rainstorm.

See for yourself below.

Absolute pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel, but also undeniably the best costume you've ever seen in your life, right‽‽

It truly defies belief.

But it's the close-up look of Klum's face in the costume that really sells its horrors and craftsmanship.

It reportedly took the entire day to put the costume together.

During a live stream with Amazon and her Making the Cut collaborator Tim Gunn, Klum revealed she began getting ready at 11:00 that morning, starting with the painstaking makeup and prosthetics job to make her face entirely disappear into an earthworm's skin.

Klum has also been sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses at the costume's construction for months, beginning in June.

The process included not only the usual fittings, but full body scans to create the giant worm get-up.

Klum was accompanied by her husband musician Tom Kaulitz, who was dressed as a fisherman who gruesomely caught his eye in his fishing hook, presumably while trying to bait it with his earthworm wife.

This couple's shared love for the disgusting sure is romantic.

And on social media, it was pretty much unanimous Klum and Kaulitz took the top prize for this year's best Halloween costumes.

The only way she'll be able to top this next year is if a real witch comes and actually transforms her into something.

And knowing Klum, she's already got that witch booked!