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Pro-Trump Mob Erected A Literal Gallows Before Chanting 'Hang Mike Pence' In Alarming Video


In the wake of last week's siege of the Capitol building by Trump supporting insurrectionists, more and more disturbing clips and videos have emerged.

One viral video on Twitter showed just how close the entire incident was to becoming a true horror.

In the film, the rioters tried to push their way into the Capitol building while angrily chanting "Hang Mike Pence."

Although some might be tempted to dismiss the chant as "joking," it was harder to deny the rioters' sincerity when pictures emerged of a gallows erected outside the capitol.

Those images, coupled with pictures of rioters inside the Capitol building with zip ties and weapons, made it clear there were members of the crowd with very dark intentions.

President Trump and his administration actively inspired this violence.

Seeing gallows erected outside the U.S. Capitol certainly demonstrates how fragile democracy can be if it isn't accorded the proper respect from both sides of the political aisle.

Twitter was shocked and enraged at the violent intentions of the insurrectionists.

Last Wednesday's display was unprecedented in American history.

Americans must be careful to remember the incitement that lead to this dangerous chapter for our country and avoid it in the future at all costs.