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Lindsey Graham Rival Releases His Tax Returns After Graham's Stunt—And Throws Some Serious Shade At Trump

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images, Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Senate race in South Carolina continues with incumbent Lindsey Graham trying to trip up former South Carolina Democratic Party chair Jaime Harrison.

Last week, Graham began to call on Harrison to release his tax returns, implying his opponent was hiding something in his finances.

It seems Graham didn't think through his strategy, however. Just a few days later, Harrison released his reforms then called out Graham for his blatant hypocrisy.

Why is it so important for Harrison to release his tax returns when Graham has never asked the same of President Trump?

It's hard to imagine what Graham expected to happen when he made such a big fuss out of someone's tax returns.

Many pundits believe Harrison has a very real chance of ending Graham's 17 years in the Senate.

Just when it seemed the world had moved on, Lindsey Graham offered us the perfect reminder that President Trump has yet to release his tax returns.

Perhaps Lindsey Graham should have thought his campaign plan through before he set himself up for a devastating dunk.