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GOP Rep. Vows Never To Eat A 'Whole Plate Of Dog Penis' Again—And Yes, You Read That Right

GOP Rep. Vows Never To Eat A 'Whole Plate Of Dog Penis' Again—And Yes, You Read That Right
Rod Lamkey-Pool/Getty Images

Republican Texas Representative Ronny Jackson has had many culinary adventures enough to know what he won't be shoving down his throat for his last meal on earth.

"It won't be dog penis," said the former White House physician during an interview on the Ruthless podcast, adding:

"I ate a whole plate of dog penis one time. I'm not doing that again."

Insider speculated Jackson was most likely referring to the South Korean delicacy, "Gaebul"–which translates to "penis fish." The popular snack food has the appearance of the male genital, hence its namesake.

According to Travel Food Atlas, the flesh-toned phallic fish is actually not a fish but a particular species of marine spoon worm, scientifically known as Urechis Unicinctus or "fat innkeeper worm."

Twitter took a moment to let Jackson's response sink in.

Jackson also told the podcast host, Josh Holmes–a Republican consultant and former Chief of Staff to Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell–that his last meal would not be the street food balut–which is a fertilized developing egg embryo (usually a duck) commonly eaten in Southeast Asian countries, especially the Philippines.

What Jackson did state as his last meal preference, however, was fried steak.

The retired United States Navy rear admiral joined the White House Medical Unit in the mid-2000s under President George W. Bush.

He served as Physician to the President from 2013 to 2018 under Barack Obama as well as Donald Trump, who nominated Jackson to be United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

However, Jackson withdrew his nomination on April 26, 2018 following disputed reports of misconduct and mismanagement allegations during his tenure in the White House.