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PHOTO: Mother Creates Special 'Golden Girl's Gift for Son

David Goodwin is a big Golden Girls fan. In fact, he and his mom Mary used to frequently watch the show together. Leading up to Christmas, Mary kept hinting to David that he was getting something really special, and he had a bit of a clue what that could be. He shared with Babble:

A few months ago, she saw someone else had shared the Golden Girls crocheted dolls on Facebook and tagged me in a post. I said I loved them and she said she wished she could make them. I didn’t really think anything else of them for the next couple months.

Come Christmas morning, David found these ladies waiting for him.

We agree, David. Your mom is the best!

Twitter cannot handle the adorableness.

People really love the dolls.

Not only were people saying how much they want the dolls, many people offered money for David's mom to make them sets as well!

David's mom is getting a lot of praise.

David couldn't believe what his mother had done for him.

“Then she told me she knit them herself and I had to run over and give her a hug. I couldn’t believe she did that! It must have been taken so much time.”

Celebrities love the dolls.

And David loves telling his mom about their responses.

Dorothy, what long legs you have!

You can make your own!

And then the creator of the pattern chimed in!

A lot of time and money went into these little gifts, but David is beyond grateful for what his mom made for him, totally out of love.

“It is hands down the best gift I have ever received,” David tells Babble. “My mom is such a thoughtful and caring person. She puts so much energy and thought into her gift giving. She has been that way all my life."

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h/t: Twitter