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Amused Residents Watch As A Group Of Mountain Goats Overtake Their Town And Feast On Their Hedges During Lockdown

Wild goats have taken over the deserted streets of Llandudno in North Wales (@AndrewStuart/Twitter/PA)

The lockdown has everyone acting a little strange. Even animals. A gang of goats has been spotted strolling around the deserted streets of a seaside town since people are staying in.

Resident and reporter Andrew Stuart captured the moment the mountain goats took advantage of the empty roads in Llandudno, North Wales.

Stuart, who works for the Manchester Evening News, said he called the police after joking that the animals were breaking isolation rules by gathering in a large group and not keeping the required six feet apart on Friday night.

“They were probably going to run riot on the town, what with nobody being about due to the lockdown," Stuart said he noticed the goats having "a midnight feast" on hedges, tweeting.

“I also wasn't sure if they were keeping the required two metres apart."

He said North Wales Police officers attended the scene in a patrol car.

“I'm sorry if the goats got arrested. But they were being very naughty," he added.

But the animals returned over the weekend and were still destroying garden bushes in Trinity Square in the town centre, and sleeping in a churchyard on Monday.

Twitter did not disappoint.

Stuart said that although the Great Orme “goat overlords" usually only leave their territory on the coastal headland to take refuge in the outskirts of the village in windy weather, “they're now going further than ever."

The Great Orme headland is home to a herd of around 200 wild goats, which are thought to be descended from a pair of Indian goats presented by the Shah of Persia to Queen Victoria in 1837.

North Wales Police have been contacted for a comment.