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GOP Wisconsin Rep. Dragged For Claiming BLM Is 'Anti-Family' While Wearing Silly St. Patty's Hat

FOX11 News

Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin is in hot water online after sitting down for an interview with his local Fox station and claiming Black Lives Matter is "anti-family."

He did this while wearing a silly little glitter hat in honor of St. Patrick's day.

Ignoring Grothman's attire for a moment, his statement was horrendously racist.

He told FOX 11:

"When we've had such influence of Black Lives Matter, an organization when founded that made clear on their website that they're opposed to the—what they refer to as the 'Western-prescribed nuclear family.' Nuclear families are, of course, worldwide."
"But I think it's important to always point out that there are people who are anti-marriage who keep making anti-marriage provisions in federal law."

Of course, Grothman's choice of headwear got a lot of attention from Twitter.

A sitting Republican Congressman attacking BLM while wearing a tiny, green hat seems about in line with the GOP of recent years.

Twitter mocked Grothman for his sartorial choices.

Many online pointed out Grothman's concern for families didn't seem to extend to legislation.

Grothman, who voted against Biden's pandemic relief bill and formerly opposed the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage, will now have to answer to an even higher authority.

The fashion police.