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Ginuwine Just Fell Off The Stage During A Concert—And Nearly Took An ASL Interpreter With Him

The 'Pony' singer was able to poke fun at his awkward spill at the 'Lovers & Friends Festival' on Instagram after.

TikTok screenshots of Ginuwine and ASL interpreter

Fans in Las Vegas this weekend witnessed some incredible performances by icons like 50 Cent, Missy Elliott and Usher at the Lovers and Friends Festival.

Some even witnessed a near-disaster when Ginuwine took a tumble and almost brought down an ASL interpreter with him.

The "Pony"singer was on stage performing his song "In Those Jeans" when he looked down to the lower stage and decided to... jump on it.

But his saddle was not waiting.

After landing, the singer stumbled back and tried to use the ASL interpreter in front of him for support, holding on as he tumbled backward and off the stage.

The interpreter braced himself on the upper stage and managed to keep his footing... and continue signing.

You can watch the tumble below.


The show must go On! ##EndlessJourney #fyp #foryoupage #genuine #Lovers&friends

Fortunately, Ginuwine was okay after the fall.

He took to Instagram to poke fun of himself, captioning his video:

"I buss my a** I am constantly laughing with the funnies but we right back at it ATL stand up next year im windmillin so don’t mis it lolololol I got it prepared already but yeah I’m good about to do what I do one mo gin."

Viewers of the mishap commented on social media.

Many were amazed at how the incident unfolded.

Like Ginuwine, many also had their jokes.

But most noted the commitment of the ASL interpreter.

In all seriousness though, we're glad to see Ginuwine is okay and had a sense of humor about his fall. Perhaps next time he'll reconsider taking a leap in those jeans.