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German City Offers Conspiracy Theorists A Million Euros To Prove It Doesn't Exist

Westend61/ Getty Images

We all love a good conspiracy theory. My personal favorites surround the Denver Airport. But, none have taken it this far. A German city which has been the subject of a long-running if light-hearted conspiracy theory claiming it does not really exist is offering big bucks to anyone who can prove it.

Officials in Bielefeld said they will give a million euros ($1,114,845 USD) to the person who delivers solid proof of its non-existence.

They said there are “no limits to creativity" for entrants, but only incontrovertible evidence will qualify for the prize.


The idea that Bielefeld does not exist was first floated by computer expert Achim Held, who posted the satirical claim on the internet in 1994 in an effort to poke fun at online conspiracy theories.

The whole idea is brilliant considering that if a city doesn't exist they can't actually pay a million euros. So, anyway it's a win win for Bielefeld.

Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel once jokingly cast doubt on the existence of Bielefeld, which is allegedly located about 205 miles west of Berlin. "Allegedly" being the keyword here.