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'Great British Baking Show' Contestant Reveals Iconic Secret Message Behind Weekly Outfits

Polish national Janusz Domagala knew he wanted to represent inclusivity on the popular baking competition show.

Janusz Domagala

SPOILER ALERT: potential spoilers for 'Great British Baking Show/Great British Bake-Off' season 13

Janusz Domagala, contestant on The Great British Bake-Off season 13, just revealed that his outfit choices for the show have been very intentional.

Domagala made it to the semifinals, but left the show this week after he became the ninth contestant to be eliminated this season.

Domagala shared on Instagram that his outfit choices this season had a deeper meaning: he had been wearing a different color from the Progress Pride Flag for each episode.

He posted a delightful mashup of each shirt as the flag, and shared his jubilation—and the motivation for his color choices—in the caption on Instagram:

"I DID IT! 🥹 Being chubby, gay and the first Polish national contestant on GBBO I knew I had a lot to represent walking into the tent."
"I wanted to do this by being myself but also set myself a little challenge to wear a colour of the pride flag each week and hope that I could tick them all off…mission accomplished!"

He also thanked fans for their support:

"I love being able to be a part of so many different communities and Great Britain is a home that’s allowed me to do that."
"Thank you SO much for taking me in and embracing me and for the love, support and fun over the last 9 weeks, and thank you to every person who was in that tent on and behind the camera with me who became family! Janusz has left the tent 💕"

You can see Janusz' beautiful Pride flag below:

Janusz' fans really came through on Instagram to show their continued support:

Comment from Instagram user kimjoy "You are AMAAAAAZING and so lovely to watch. Love your bakes, you have so much talent, and you're just going to keep growing that talent [sparkling heart emoji]"kimjoy/Instagram

Comment from Instagram user bakewithrahul "You are amazing Janusz. Love you and proud to know you xxx"bakewithrahul/Instagram

Comment from Instagram user laura.adlington "Well what can I say other than you've been an absolute JOY to watch over the past few weeks. I, like the rest of the nation, have fallen head over heels in love with you. Not only an incredible baker but a beautiful human too. This is just the beginning my friend [3 red heart emoji] xxxx"@laura.adlington/Instagram

Comment from Instagram user aekerry89 "We love you on GBBO, Janusz. You're a ray of sunshine [red heart emoji]"aekerry89/Instagram

Comment from user crystellepereira "You absolutely smashed it uh, so so proud of you [3 red heart emoji]"crystellepereira/Instagram

Domagala also shared the post to Twitter, where it garnered even more outpourings of love.

While Domagala's run on Great British Bake-Off may be over, it seems like fans haven't seen enough of him yet.

We'll all have to wait and see where he goes from here but, wherever or whatever he works on next, you know he'll be absolutely fabulous.