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Gay Widowed Dad Claps Back After Rightwing Commentator Attacks Him For Having Children

Popular influencer José Rolón, a single gay dad of three, hit back hard after conservative conspiracy theorist Stew Peters encouraged the NYPD to charge him with sex crimes for featuring his kids in his lighthearted videos.

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José Rolón, a well-known social media personality and a single gay father of three, hit back hard after conservative conspiracy theorist Stew Peters encouraged the NYPD to charge him with sex crimes for featuring his kids in his lighthearted videos.

Using the handle @nycgaydad on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Rolón shares heartwarming and amusing videos featuring his children, amassing a significant following. Recently, Peters accused Rolón of pedophilia, exploitation of his children, and even tagged the NYPD, calling for a sex crimes investigation.

In a video posted by Rolón, Peters expressed outrage over Rolón being a gay dad who takes his children to drag shows and has "cross-dressing wigs" in his closet, adding:

“Some pervert homo has access to at least four kids around the clock all the time. He can take them to drag conventions and then post the evidence, post pictures and videos of criminal sexual conduct… and somehow not end up in jail, or better yet, the gallows.”

Peters' accusations also included claims Rolón provided sex toys to his kids, likely stemming from a harmless incident Rolón openly shared. He had mistakenly bought bracelets at RuPaul’s Drag Con, later realizing they were intended for a different part of the body. Despite Rolón addressing the misunderstanding, Peters used it to fuel his baseless allegations.

Reacting to the accusations, Rolón addressed Peters directly, highlighting the inaccuracies in his claims and poking fun at the commentator's factual errors.

You can see Rolón's post below.

He said:

"This D list version of Tucker Carlson decided for his own benefit and likes that he would create a false narrative. Clearly as most of you know he can’t even count."
"I don't know where he got four kids from but maybe you wanna be my new kid, and I can show you a few lessons. I could be your daddy."
"Nowhere in [the video] do I say that I want to bang Travis Kelce and he also says that I purposely and intentionally sold them something other than what I thought were bracelets I created. This guy is literally accusing me of sex crimes."
"Stew, it's people like you who are destroying this country. It's people like you that should be reported to the authorities. You're no different than what the guy at Fox News does. He's called me a pervert, a creep."

Rolón said he doesn't "know how to handle" Peters, noting that he doesn't know "whether to ask my followers to love bomb you or report you or worse," joking about the existence about a "gay mafia."

He concluded:

“I think you’re scared of losing all the privilege that you think you have, but coming after me and my children and my family, it’s not it. It’s not going to progress your cause.”
"I don't know if you're a parent or not but if you are, God bless your children because that's where the real crime is."

Many praised Rolón for speaking out and urged him to take legal action against Peters.

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Rolón toldThe Advocate that he chose to speak out because he considers it crucial to protect both his children and the LGBTQ+ community from misinformation, especially during an election year.

Rolón is actively exploring legal options against Peters and Rumble, which hosted Peters' online rant against Rolón and his family. He said he wants “people like Stew Peters to know that there is a stronger movement to stomp out hate and misinformation.”