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'Game Of Thrones' Hid Six Iron Thrones Around The World, And People Are Quickly Finding Them

'Game Of Thrones' Hid Six Iron Thrones Around The World, And People Are Quickly Finding Them
GameofThrones/YouTube, GameofThrones/YouTube, @Vic_C_Brown/Twitter

Whether you watch the show or not, Game of Thrones is a hot water cooler topic being discussed everywhere.

With the final season of HBO's behemoth ramps up for its April 14th premiere, discussions and predictions about the finale are unavoidable.

As eager fans anticipate another inevitable blood bath, the premium cable channel launched yet another promotional stunt to milk as much excitement before we find out who will claim the throne, in a campaign called, "Quest for the Throne."

But before we find out who or what will come out on top as the supreme ruler, viewers will have a chance to embark on their quest for the throne through a global scavenger hunt.

Six iron thrones are presumably scattered across six countries around the world.

HBO posed the challenge to fans, writing on their website:

"For seven seasons you've watched characters lie, bleed, and sacrifice for the Iron Throne. As the final season approaches, only one question remains: How far will you go?"

Lad Bible located some of them.

The first was spotted in the U.K. in the Puzzlewood Forest in Gloucestershire.

Another was discovered in Sweden, in a place Björkliden - known appropriately as the "Throne in the North," possibly referring to the Stark family or the Night King.

A third location for the "Throne of Joy" was found in Madrid, in a place called Castello de Atienza.

A fourth location for the "Throne of Valyria" was in Brazil, in a place called Beberibe.

Several YouTube clips enabling a 360º view of each location as clues to help you locate a throne by its surroundings.

Throne of Ice | Quest #ForTheThrone -

Throne of Valyria | Quest #ForTheThrone -

Eager explorers began sharing their discoveries.

Swedish photographer Jonathan Vitblom shared with Bored Panda about his expedition to locate the throne in Sweden.

"I saw the videos on YouTube that they had put out thrones in the wild and I was extremely familiar with the surroundings of the throne placed in the North."
"But I couldn't really believe it was up here until I saw the first person who found it uploaded a picture of it, and then I was 99% sure that I knew exactly where it was."

Vitblom added:

"So we packed our equipment, outfits that are appropriate for winter in the north of Sweden and then we jumped into the car and had a 1-hour car drive till we reached the location."
"When we got up there, I wanted to make sure that the throne really was there so I took my drone and flew up to the plateau that I thought it was located at. I spotted it almost right away because you could tell that a big throne doesn't belong up there on the mountainside!"

There are two more thrones waiting to be discovered so far. Who's going to get to them first?