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Fox Host's Dem Mother Called In During His First Primetime Show With Some Brutal Advice

Jesse Watters' first night in the 8pm slot at Fox News started off with an awkward bang thanks to his own mother's gentle roasting of his ideologies.

Jesse Watters
Fox News

Fox News political commentator Jesse Watters was given some tough love as his mom–a Democrat–phoned in during his new Primetime show and gave suggestions on how to keep his job.

Jesse Watters Primetime recently took over the coveted 8 p.m. timeslot previously occupied by the ousted Tucker Carlson.

When Watters asked his mom, Anne Watters, how much she enjoyed the show, she responded positively and expressed how proud she was of him and of all the hard work that led to his TV accomplishments.

But it was time to get down to business and she dove right in with some notes for her son.

Mother Watters said:

"Now let's aim to have you keep your job."
"To that end, I do have some suggestions."

After nervously chuckling, Watters said "Okay" and prepared to listen.

Suggestion number one was:

“Do not tumble into any conspiracy rabbit holes. We do not want to lose you and we want no lawsuits."

She informed him:

“I have a list here."

Anne Watters continued with:

"In keeping with the Hippocratic oath, do no harm. We need you to be kind and respectful.”

You can see a clip of the segment here.

Watters–who is a registered member of the Conservative Party of New York State–has been known to make remarks on the right-wing channel that were perceived as racist, sexist, and transphobic.

His mother reminded him with:

"We need you to be kind and respectful."
"You, yourself mentioned that humble was a stretch so I get that."

His ensuing laughter at being called out was cut short as she continued.

"Use your voice responsibly to promote conversation that maintains a narrative thread.”

As he was seen massaging his temples out of disbelief at what was happening at the moment, she told him that there has been enough "Biden-bashing" and that the recurring topic of Hunter Biden's laptop story concerning the son of the Democratic President was getting "old."

As he was trying to wrap things up, she told him to wait as she had another point to make.

"I knew this was a bad idea," he quipped before Mama Watters offered the following words of wisdom:

“Seek solution versus fanning the flames."

She then suggested Watters persuade former Republican President Donald Trump–who is his party's frontrunner for the 2024 presidential nomination–to focus on another endeavor rather than aiming for a White House comeback.

“You could encourage that Bedminster friend of yours to return to his earlier career on television."
"Everyone in his audience could wear a red hat and I’m sure the ratings would soar, although never as high, my darling, as yours, on 'Jesse Watters Primetime.'”

Here is the rest of the heart-to-heart discussion between mother and son.

Before signing off, she switched gears and told Watters she was "thinking of having dinner between 5 and 7," to which the antsy host who had been impatiently swinging his arms forwards and backward cut her off since the conversation was changing to "how things are at home."

"Thank you very much, mom, I love you very much," he said, looking relieved that the call was ending.

Social media users couldn't help but comment on his mom's unconditional love for her son, despite their conflicting political ideologies.

She became an instant favorite.

Though he was clearly embarrassed by being lectured by his mother on live TV, the brief segment was a rare and refreshing interaction on the rightwing channel, demonstrating that even a Fox News host is capable of having a humble moment.