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Things Got Super Awkward After Fox News Host Shut Down Newt Gingrich For His Bonkers George Soros Claim


Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich caused a pretty awkward moment on Fox News this past Wednesday, September 16, when he brought up George Soros during an incensed rant.

The hosts of Outnumbered quickly jumped in to keep Soros out of the conversation. The liberal billionaire is at the center of many unhinged conservative conspiracy theories which can often become anti-semitic in tone.

Gingrich seemed shocked that the Fox hosts were pushing back against his rant.

What followed was an incredibly awkward pause.

People online were also a bit shocked Fox News pushed back against another Soros-based conspiracy theory, considering their track record.

Others wondered why conservatives are so worried about George Soros all the time when they have billionaire donors of their own.

What would Fox News be if the guests didn't feel the need to attack some dark, scary bogeyman?

Others on Twitter wondered why, given his track record, anyone still takes the opinions of Newt Gingrich seriously.

It seems even Fox News gets tired of the same conspiracy theories repeated ad nauseam.

Perhaps the next time Gingrich appears on television, he'll try to keep to the facts.