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Fox News Swiftly Fact-Checked After Blasting Kamala Harris For Not Saluting Military On Air Force Two

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

On Monday, March 22, Fox News began circulating criticism of Vice President Kamala Harris for not saluting the military honor guard as she boarded Air Force Two.

The Fox report claimed the video showed Harris "appearing to break with precedent and failing to salute the honor guard," a sure sign of disrespect for the military in their eyes.

But the news network knows as well as anyone that the Vice President exists outside of the military chain of command. Returning salutes is not only a non-requirement for the VP—it's actually somewhat incorrect.

Twitter called Fox News out on their misleading report.

Though Mike Pence and Joe Biden were both known to salute the honor guard during their time as VP, Republican Dick Cheney often did not.

Many online accused the Fox report of being a baseless attack with racial undertones.

Even if Harris did "break precedent," as Fox News described, this is hardly a matter worth being worked up over.

Fox News seriously needs to get a fact-checker on the payroll to examine some of their articles before they're released.