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Fox News Creates New Workplace Rules And Ultra Conservative Staffers Are Losing It

Fox News Creates New Workplace Rules And Ultra Conservative Staffers Are Losing It
(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Fox News is trying to address their notoriously toxic work environment by implementing some radical changes at the workplace, and the new policies are making current staffers' heads explode.

On Thursday, Lachlan Murdoch announced that Fox's longtime programming executive, Suzanne Scott, was being promoted as chief executive, making her the first female CEO in the company's history.

According to Vanity Fair, the announcement came just two days after the last round of gender and racial discrimination lawsuits from the Roger Ailes era. The suits were settled for $10 million.

In an effort to stagger into the 21st century, Fox added a "meditation room" furnished with Muslim prayer rugs in the office formerly occupied by Oliver North, who departed the news station to assume the position as head of the NRA.

That's not all. Insiders told Vanity Fair about other major changes.

Staffers now attend mandatory sexual harassment training, and the employee intranet includes a section for gender-transition policies and guidelines.

This about-face from the company's entrenched culture is understandably ruffling some feathers.

People are terrified. They kicked Ollie North out and put in a prayer room. We've got a new trans policy. You're not allowed to be transphobic.
People's heads are blowing up.

Still, Scott's promotion isn't viewed as a feminist victory because of her association with Ailes and her enabling of sexual harassment and gender discrimination, according to former female employees.

Scott upheld Ailes' culture of degradation after former Fox host Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit that ultimately resulted in his firing. Scott allegedly rounded up Ailes' confidantes to publicly retaliate against and undermine Carlson's credibility.

Gabriel Sherman for New York Magazine wrote in May 2017, "After Gretchen Carlson filed lawsuit against Ailes, Suzanne Scott helped rally Fox women to trash Gretchen & support Ailes publicly."

Despite the changes behind the scenes, the network will retain their right-wing "integrity" by reporting their ultra-conservative points of view. A leopard doesn't change its spots, and neither does Fox.

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