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'Fox & Friends' Hosts Slammed For Laughing While Mocking Georgia's Voter Suppression Bill

'Fox & Friends' Hosts Slammed For Laughing While Mocking Georgia's Voter Suppression Bill
Fox News

On Wednesday, March 31, the hosts of Fox & Friends on Fox News drew criticism by mocking people who were concerned about Georgia's new law, which many believe is aimed at further suppressing votes in the state.

The new bill makes it illegal for anyone to distribute water or food to people waiting in line to vote.

Considering the voting lines in Georgia can stretch past six hours, the lack of food and drink is a major barrier of entry for people to vote.

But the Fox & Friends hosts felt people concerned about the law were overreacting, with Ainsley Earhardt saying:

"The water argument is what cracks me up. If you go to Yankee Stadium, and you stand in line to get a ticket, do they serve you water? Do you care?"

Steve Doocey, laughing, continued Earhardt's riff, saying:

"I have been voting for over 40 years and I have never thought to myself, 'OK, I'm gonna go vote today. Will they have snacks?'"

Many online pointed out the Fox & Friends hosts were unaware of their own privilege.

They've likely never had to wait hours to vote in the hot sun.

Others drew attention to the real issue that made water distribution necessary.

There is an extreme lack of voting sites in high-population areas in Georgia—which also happen to be areas with largely Black populations—which cause longer than necessary lines.

Twitter harshly criticized the hosts for their out-of-touch laughter.

Waiting in line at Yankee Stadium is not the same as waiting hours to exercise your constitutional right to vote.

Fox & Friends may not understand it, but every American has a right to vote and every barrier between citizens and the voting booth stops a certain number of Americans from claiming that right.