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Lauren Boebert Roasted After Flubbing Her Own Biden Zingers In Disastrous Fox News Interview

Lauren Boebert Roasted After Flubbing Her Own Biden Zingers In Disastrous Fox News Interview
Fox News

Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert is once again getting roasted on the internet after face-planting in an attempt to drag Democratic President Joe Biden.

During an appearance on Fox News, Boebert attempted to criticize Biden with a hot new zinger about taxes.

But she flubbed the line so badly it just came out totally unintelligible. Perhaps it's karma for all those times she and her colleagues have mocked Biden's stutter?

See the moment below.

Um, yikes. Boebert said:

“I don’t know who’s running the federal government these days: Joe Biden or uh Prince John from uhhhh uhhh uhhh Prince John. But they’re taxing us into poverty.”

Wow. Sick burn, Representative. Hopefully whatever right-wing svengali wrote that line for you wasn't too mad about how badly you flubbed it!

Now, who really knows what on earth Boebert was actually on about, but one assumes she was referencing money-hungry Prince John from Disney's animated Robin Hood. Not "Prince John from Prince John," bless her heart.

It's also worth noting that Biden's tax plans only target those making more than $400,000, which is only 1.8% of Americans. So its unclear who, exactly, Biden is "taxing into poverty" like Prince John. Even her Congressional salary of $174,000 doesn't fit the bill.

Anyway, if you assume the rest of Boebert's appearance went well, reader you are mistaken! Boebert went on to attempt to attack Biden for liking foreign oil too much, but flubbed her words once again and said the exact opposite.

After naming a number of foreign energy sources from whom the U.S. has purchased oil, Boebert said:

"If it's not American energy, Joe doesn't want it."

So you agree, he likes American energy.

so you agree regina george GIFGiphy

Nailed it as always, Representative.

On Twitter, of course, people had a field day roasting Boebert to a crisp--so much so that "Prince John" actually trended.

Better luck next time, Ms. Boebert.