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Fox News Host Claims Media Taking Sides Is 'Election Interference'—And It's Irony At Its Finest


Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, who has long used her show to unconditionally support President Donald Trump, turned some heads online this past Monday, November 30 when she looked down on other news outlets for "taking a side" during the election.

Bartiromo, who recently hosted President Trump on her Fox News program, allowing him to make countless false claims about the election with no pushback, claimed to The Daily Caller that outlets like CNN and The New York Times are "just not news."

She said:

They've taken a side. They are the mouthpieces for the Democrat Party and they are trying hard to affect elections. I mean, I think it is election interference."

Twitter couldn't help but notice the irony of a Fox News host calling out other news outlets for supposedly "taking sides."

Many accused Bartiromo of projecting her own network's issues onto her competitors.

Irony is far from dead in President Trump's America.

Bartiromo, like every other member of the Trump team alleging "election interference," has no evidence to back up her claims.

Just because an election didn't turn out the way you want doesn't mean it was rigged.

Hopefully Maria Bartiromo is able to take a long, hard look in the mirror sometime very soon. If she does, she may realize her criticisms say more about herself than those around her.