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The #feelingcutechallenge Mocking Humble-Brag Selfies Has Everyone Cackling


Twitter is on it with the meme games lately.

One of the best things social media is best for, ironically, is satirizing social media. We've all seen those "feeling cute, might delete later" selfies that make our eyes roll.

So because we are all tired of looking at these, we are just being ridiculous and posting a bunch of #feelingcute selfies that make no sense.

The spectrum of what is being posted under the #feelingcutechallenge is staggering.

Staggering, yet amazing.

From oil rigs:

To chicken in the rain:

To kitties:

To teachers:

To lady cops:

The spectrum truly is endless.

Are you feeling cute?

What're YOU doing later?

We wanna see your #feelingcutechallenge.