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FBI Warns Of Planned 'Armed' Insurrections In All 50 State Capitals Ahead Of Inauguration Day

FBI Warns Of Planned 'Armed' Insurrections In All 50 State Capitals Ahead Of Inauguration Day
Shay Horse/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The world was shocked when on January 6—the day Congress was supposed to certify President-elect Joe Biden's win—Trump supporting extremists stormed the United States Capitol building. It was the first time since the War of 1812 that the building's perimeter was breached and the first time it was breached by a homegrown insurrection.

Many hoped the Capitol riot was the end—a last gasp of the Trump era. However, many analysts feared it was in fact, more like the beginning.

Unfortunately, it seems likely they are right. The FBI briefed members of Congress there are armed protests in the planning stages in all 50 state capital cities leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Biden.

In Washington DC the Capitol is the meeting place of the legislature. At the state level, some legislatures meet in other buildings while the Capitol building refers to the office of the governor.

Insurrectionists at state level could target the state legislature as they did in Washington DC, blaming them for Trump's loss. Or they could attack the Capitol building symbolic of the state whether it houses the legislature or not. Or armed protests could be staged in the cities without specific predetermined targets.

Many thought this crisis required far more urgency than it was being given.

Many feared the days ahead.

And some felt the inauguration must be done in a secure location to protect the safety of those involved.

The safety measures that will be put in place for President-elect Biden's inauguration remain to be seen. What also remains to be seen is how the incoming administration will deal with the radicalization of many Trump supporters after four years of conspiracy theories and lies from the Oval Office.