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If you've ever been in a relationship, you've probably owned a shirt that suddenly and mysteriously became your significant other's shirt.

Sadly, many relationships don't go the distance. But what happens to those shirts? Many of them remain with their new owners long after the original owner has disappeared.

The lengths some of these new owners will go to to hold onto their comfy shirts can be a little bit extreme. Twitter user @alyssanikaye11 got a text from her ex-boyfriend looking for one of his old shirts.

She handled the situation expertly!




In the face of some people wondering why Lyss didn't just give the shirt back, she explained she actually did a while ago. She was just getting around to posting the photos now.

The exchange was so perfect many people questioned whether it was even real.

Many others couldn't help but feel sorry for the ex who wasn't QUITE following what was happening.

The ex was pretty slow to catch on to Lyss's joke.

Meanwhile, other ex-girlfriends all over the world were celebrating their stolen shirts!

Alyssa quickly became an icon for Twitter users everywhere!

Meanwhile, Lyss's ex was dunked on by pretty much everyone on the internet.

Remember, ex-girlfriends of the world: if you want to keep your comfy new shirts, sometimes you have to be just a little bit clever...and your ex-boyfriends have to be just a little bit slow.

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