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Eric Trump Somehow Managed To Spell 'Tulsa' Wrong—And He Got Dragged Hard For It

Ahead of President Trump's rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, his son Eric Trump tweeted in all caps to announce they were on their way.

Unfortunately for the President's 2nd son with ex-wife Ivana, a typo had many online laughing at his expense instead of cheering for dear old dad.

Leading up to the rally, Eric Trump tweeted:


Twitter certainly didn't miss Eric's misspelling of Tulsa.

To his credit, Eric Trump did try to correct the mistake later.

The Tulsa misspelling wasn't the only mistake Eric made on Twitter leading up to the rally.

Many online joked that the rally's attendance was so much lower than expected because fans had accidentally gone to Tulas.

The internet likely won't be letting Eric forget this any time soon.

Perhaps the Tulas rally was more successful than the one we all heard about.

At least Eric Trump can be glad this is all behind him and his dad is back at home in Warshington C.D.