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Environmentalists Claim Beach Sex Is Destroying Popular Protected Dunes

Environmentalists Claim Beach Sex Is Destroying Popular Protected Dunes
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If you're ever lucky enough to travel, Ibiza is a wonderful destination. From those blue oceans, a vibrant party scene, and gorgeous, sandy beaches.

Well, that last one might not be around forever.

Recently, environmentalists have warned that the beautiful sand dunes of es Cavallet are in danger of eroding away. The cause are tourists. Specifically, those who have sex on the dunes.

Sounds like someone wants to ruin the fun.

The beach is a very popular nudist destination, with websites like Sexo-casual encouraging hook ups on the sandy dunes. Despite sections of the beach being closed off with fencing, tourists often jump over the barriers or find other ways to get to these scenic sands.

Despite the es Cavallet dunes providing protection from prying eyes, the access people have to the beach is not protecting the dunes.

Biologist Joan Carles Palerm is quoted as saying,

"Free access like this is causing the break-up of the dunes and their structures.
"The system that maintains them is very complex and any alteration, such as this continuous activity, fatally affects them."

As sexy as it sounds, who would want to get sand everywhere?

Enough people are willing to brave the sand that it's causing a problem. In addition to just normal sand erosion from… exactly what you'd expect, the beach goers are uprooting plants.

This is a bigger issue as it not only removes vegetation, but the plants would normally provide protection from wind erosion. Without this protection, the dunes are disappearing even faster than normal.

Look what you've done, humanity.

This isn't the first time scientists have warned of this phenomenon. An information campaign tried to stop visitors years ago, but was either ignored, or caused indignant defiance. Patrols have also proven too costly to be performed every day.

Ibiza isn't alone as other Spanish beaches are in danger. Mapalomas on the Gran Canaria island, Es Trenc on Mallorca, and Son Boi on Menorca are all popular destinations with sand dunes in jeopardy.