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Woman Sparks Debate By Saying English Speakers Are 'Simple-Minded' Because English Has No 'Depth'

TikToker @gen_laforce claimed studies show that people who speak multiple languages have 'more developed brains'—and got immediate pushback.

TikTok screenshots of @gen_laforce

A woman's rant on TikTok sparked an online debate after she claimed people who only speak English are more "simple-minded" than those whose native language is not English.

User @gen_laforce began by asking:

“Have you guys ever heard of the theory on how people who only speak English have a less developed brain?”

She elaborated by sharing her native language is French and her girlfriend's is Hebrew, so they communicate in English. However, she revealed that because “familiar English is not that complex and it doesn’t have much depth," they have a difficult time communicating their emotions to each other.

@gen_laforce continued to justify her statements by referring to "studies" that say "the more complex your language is, the more developed your brain becomes and it's easier to understand different nuances and emotions."

You can watch the full video below.

While the creator did make some true statements - for example how many Americans tend to dismiss and think less of the intelligence of those who speak "broken English" - she did face quite the pushback from social media.

After the backlash snowballed swiftly, the TikToker made the video private, but she did offer a couple of follow-up videos to clarify.

In the first, she attempted to justify her claims and elaborate on her points while admitting that, perhaps, she didn't verbalize her thoughts well.


i urge you to not comment until you've watched part 1 & 2 as i may address your concern in either or. all i'm asking is that you guys be nice. the messages and comments i've been getting the past few days have been so hurtful and absolutely heartbreaking knowing this is what our society has come to. i am also not a linguist and am more than open to education, as long as its done with respect <3

In the second video, she cited some "research" that used a few of the same words as her earlier statements.


Replying to @Geneviève✨

According to the comments, it would appear that the damage was done and "apology" videos weren't helping.

The wrath of social media backlash is definitely universal.