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Elliot Page Reveals 'Juno' Co-Star Helped His 'Shame Dissipate' After They Started Hooking Up

Page revealed in his memoir 'Pageboy' that he and Olivia Thirlby started having sex 'all the time' while filming the coming-of-age movie.

Elliot Page
Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

In his new memoir Pageboy, Elliot Page revealed he and Juno co-star Olivia Thirlby had sex "all the time" and in all the places while filming the 2007 coming-of-age dramedy. While Page played a teen in the film, both actors were 20 in 2007.

Page wrote in the memoir the attraction to Thirlby was immediate, according to Page Six.

“I was taken aback the moment I saw Olivia Thirlby."
“Sexually open, far removed from where I was at the time. But the chemistry was palpable, it pulled me in.”

Once the two expressed their attraction for each other "it was on."

Page shared that while standing in Thirlby's hotel room, Thirlby “looked directly at me and said point-blank, ‘I’m really attracted to you'."

He continued:

“We started sucking face. It was on."
"I had an all-encompassing desire for her, she made me want in a way that was new, hopeful."

Page revealed the two began having sex "all the time."

"Her hotel room, in our trailers at work, once in a tiny, private room in a restaurant..."
"We thought we were being subtle."

The Umbrella Academy star then revealed the intimate connection helped his "shame dissipate."

"Being intimate with Olivia helped my shame dissipate."
"I didn’t see a glint of it in her eyes and I wanted that—done feeling wretched about who I am."

Many on social media expressed their anticipation of getting their hands on the book which was just released yesterday.

Some wondered how Thirlby feels about such intimate details being shared for the world to read.

Page's memoir also recounts his secret romance with Kate Mara while filming 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past as well as multiple anti-LGBTQ+ attacks against the actor, both verbally and physically.

Despite the challenges, Page wants to share his story to show the world he "will not be silenced."

He shared in an Instagram post:

"We are all pressured to become a narrow version of ourselves, encouraged to fit rather than blossom."
"I never thought I’d have the strength to write my story. I hope that by sharing my journey it can help demonstrate that we all - queer, trans and anyone who supports the basic human dignity to live authentically - will not be silenced."
"I am so grateful for all the support I've received along the way. With love and much respect for those who came before and made this possible."

Pageboy is available now on Amazon and at major retailers.