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Elizabeth Hurley And Her 17-Year-Old Son Look Nearly Identical In Holiday Photo, And People Are Doing A Double Take

Elizabeth Hurley And Her 17-Year-Old Son Look Nearly Identical In Holiday Photo, And People Are Doing A Double Take
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Lincoln Center

Elizabeth Hurley is a stunning actress, model and businesswoman.

It is not surprising that her son, Damian Hurley, would grow up to be just as beautiful.

What people did not expect, however, was seeing just how closely the 17-year-old son resembled his mother.

The 54-year-old British actress and her son shared a holiday photo wearing black beanies and sporting the same beautiful locks of hair cascading down over their shoulders.

Damian—who is Elizabeth's son with American businessman Steve Bing—wished everyone a "happy Christmas!!" on Instagram.

Fans did a double-take over the photo that proved Damian was blessed with his mom's genes.

Many fans wrote comments, describing mother and son as "peas in a pod," and "twins."

People could not take their eyes off of their most striking features.

The duo continued receiving much admiration.

Are their identical looks really all that shocking?

This is not the first time fans have noticed he is a spitting image of his mom.

Damian posted this photo on Instagram in September 2018.




Damian Charles Hurley was born on April 4, 2002.

His father denied paternity, alleging that he and Elizabeth Hurley had a brief non-exclusive relationship in 2001. However, a DNA test proved that Steve Bing was Damian's biological father.

Having been rejected by Bing, Damian has never met his paternal family.

Hugh Grant—with whom Hurley spent 13 years together and amicably split in May 2000—is one of Damian's godfathers, who also include David Beckham, Elton John and Denis Leary.

When Damian turned 17, Hurley shared the joys of being a mother by wishing her boy all the best.

"Happy 17th Birthday to my heavenly @damianhurley1."
"Nobody could bring me more joy than you. You make me a mother so proud."


His birthday photo was an homage to a photo of his mom wearing a similar camouflage t-shirt that was taken two years prior.

Damian returned the love for his mom's birthday on June 10, 2018.

Damian signed with the model agency Tess Management in September 2018 and is also an actor.

He starred as Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein in the E! series, The Royals , available here, in which his mother played the Queen of England.