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That Epic Shot Of Dany In Front Of Drogon Has Turned Into A Trolling Meme For The Ages

@antizyrus/Twitter, @deanevangeliou/Twitter

A masterfully done shot of Danaerys Targaryen in front of one of her dragons taking off may have been the only redeeming thing, in some fans' eyes, about the Game Of Thrones series finale.

You know the shot we are talking about. Check it out:

Somebody retweeted this in a (now deleted) tweet and said "this shot is beautiful and should be taught in every film studies class."

Yeah, it is beautiful. But the internet is merciless.

Somebody turned that phrase into a copypasta meme, and all hell broke loose.

We understand why the man, Twitter user @jhill1181, deleted his post. It's hard to be the target of a hilarious meme.

A hilarious, yet relentless, meme.

The Game Of Thrones series finale aired on Sunday, May 19th and left many people upset and angry.

After close to a decade of storytelling, a lot of people felt let down by that finale.

But you know what they will remember?

That beautiful shot that will be taught in so many future film classes.