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Drew Barrymore Slams Tabloids For Claiming She Wishes Her Mother Was Dead: 'How Dare You'

The actor and talk show host shared a video on Instagram saying her comments in a 'Vulture' interview about her strained relationship with her mother were taken out of context.

Drew Barrymore

Drey Barrymore posted a video in which she pushed back at the tabloids that pushed a story that she wished her mother Jaid was dead.

Barrymore has a difficult relationship with her mother and shared their struggles. But tabloids took that in a sensationalist direction.

She started her video response with anger in her voice over a lifetime of tabloids commenting on her every move.

"To all you tabloids out there, you have been f**king with my life since I was thirteen years old."

The talk show host went on to say they twisted a moment of vulnerability into something she never meant.

"How dare you put those words in my mouth....Don't twist my words around."

You can see her video here:

Among the many supporters that commented on her post were several celebrity friends who understand her frustration with the tabloids.





Others shared how hard navigating complicated relationships with family is, even if they aren't as well known as Barrymore.




Others echoed Barrymore's general message about tabloids.



Some called for boycotting tabloids as a solution.


Barrymore stated she doesn't blame her mother for their complicated relationship.

The actor financially supported her mother even after becoming emancipated at the age of 14.