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Trump Claims Liberals Don't Want To Use The Term 'Thanksgiving'—So Liberals Roasted Him With Some New Terms

Trump held a rally in Florida on Tuesday, November 26, and he had a big announcement for his supporters from the Sunshine State.

To the horror of everyone gathered to hear him speak, President Trump announced that the liberals have officially declared war on Thanksgiving.

This was huge news to everyone, including liberals.

Liberals, who had no previous problem calling Thanksgiving by its name, were pretty taken aback to hear they'd been fighting a war!

Some liberals took up the opportunity to resist Trump from an angle he'd personally created!

Some pointed out that the President's claims were further evidence of the strange, symbiotic relationship between the President and Fox News.

Would Trump ever actually fight in a war?

In response to Trump's insane claim, liberals began brainstorming new names for everyone's favorite November holiday.

While Trump talks about a supposed war on Thanksgiving, most Democrats are just trying to help Americans.

What does Trump imagine a liberal Thanksgiving is like?

The truth?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Remember to say that while you still can...