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Donald Glover Reveals The Incredible 'Star Wars' Experience With His Son That Brought Everything Full-Circle

Donald Glover Reveals The Incredible 'Star Wars' Experience With His Son That Brought Everything Full-Circle
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This Friday, May 25, "Solo: A Star Wars Story" hits the theaters. While the hype surrounding the film has been somewhat hampered by the perception of behind-the-scenes drama (mostly surrounding the mid-production replacement of its directors), pretty much everyone in the "Star Wars"fandom has unified behind their excitement to see Donald Glover as a younger version of Cloud City mogul Lando Calrissean. It turns out this excitement was shared in equal measure by Glover himself, whose first toy growing up was a Lando action figure. He and co-star Alden Ehrenreich stopped by "Ellen and told Degeneres just how full-circle being cast in the movies has been for them.

It turns out Glover's son now plays with a Lando action figure just like he did. There's only one small difference: Glover's son now knows he's playing with an action figure of his dad.

Glover told Ellen about the experience of watching his child play with a toy version of himself:

They sent them to us. It's super weird for me. His mom is always being like 'who's that?' and he just playing like, 'oh this is daddy... daddy is riding a horse made of play-dough...I didn't feel like that way before, but to see him do it is kinda like a full circle of... I don't know... it's beautiful, it's weird but beautiful.

While they were there, Glover and Ehrenreich also shared about what it was like meeting and working together for the first time. Knowing he was sharing a make-up trailer with the legendary Childish Gambino, Ehrenreich said he was pretty nervous about picking the music out in the morning:

We listened to somewhat different stuff. I was always in the makeup trailer trying to figure out what would seem cool to play when [Glover] came in...I never figured it out.

Ehrenreich apparently tried some classic rocks staples like The Eagles and Bob Seiger. Glover was not impressed, noting:

ButHe likes music where it's like 'we're going to get away from this town.'

But at the end of the day, both had a great time making the film. After all, they worked incredibly hard to be there. In the interview, both stars revealed the number of times they auditioned before receiving their roles. Glover was vetted 7 times and Ehrenreich 6. Taking part in a "Star Wars" film is no walk in the park.

For more of Glover and Ehrenreich being pals and exploring the galaxy, go catch Solo in theaters this Friday, May 25!

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