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Don Lemon Lays Into PETA For Comparing 'Anti-Animal' Idioms To Racism And Homophobia

Don Lemon Lays Into PETA For Comparing 'Anti-Animal' Idioms To Racism And Homophobia

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an organization as well known for going overboard in defense of animals as it is for actually helping them.

In a recent example of this trend, the animal-rights advocacy group recently released a list of "anti-animal" expressions and their less offensive alternatives.

Okay, nothing too extreme there.

But then...

PETA compared it to racism, homophobia and ableist language.

Because animals speak the language and understand the supposed insults just like a human would.

On Wednesday, December 5, Don Lemon joined Chris Cuomo on CNN to dissect how PETA's comments and the chart were needlessly comparing harmless expressions to racism:

"They should actually be concerned about homophobia and racism."

Don Lemon to PETA: Animals aren't offended by

He went on:

"PETA should have several seats. That's one. Is that one up there? PETA does some great work. I'm sure, but, come on. Pick your battles. Really? As someone who knows a bit about both of those, come on. Listen, an animal who gets eaten doesn't get eaten because of their gender."

Chris Cuomo thought the chart represented the worst parts of what he called "political correctness:"

"We put too much weight on what we say and not enough on what we do. This is my thing with political correctness."

PETA responded to CNN's criticism to TheWrap on Thursday, saying:

"PETA was started by women and members of the LGBTQ community, so many of us have personally felt the sting of thoughtless language. That's part of why we believe in changing long-used expressions that make us all cringe, like 'There's more than one way to skin a cat' or 'kill two birds with one stone'–it's a fun way to remind people that our words matter."

Unfortunately for PETA, Twitter seemed to think their chart was more silly than serious.

People were incredibly amused by the silly new sayings.

Others were tired of PETA's online antics.

People now seem to be using PETA's strange alternate expressions ironically...which is maybe what they wanted all along?

Well played, PETA...well played.

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